“Flintridge Prep students have the talent, opportunity, and therefore obligation to become the future leaders of Southern California, in places big and small, public and private. Our Leadership Initiative creates multi-year training, while FLINT, especially with its expanding digital presence, can weave leadership sensibilities into the everyday life of the campus.”

Headmaster Peter Bachmann

Rudy, Eli
Joey, Lauren, Emily, Gloria, Alex, Sofia, Olivia
Andrew, Nicole, Anna, Catherine, Renee, Shant
Claire, Riley, Isabelle, Lucca


Everyone has the potential to be a leader, with or without a position or title.

Who is FLINT?

We are an on-campus initiative that educates and provides the tools to encourage you to exemplify leadership qualities daily. We empower everyone to lead within the Prep community, with or without a position or title.

What does FLINT do?

At FLINT, we are working towards a more active presence on campus. By creating and curating leadership materials for Prep, hosted on this website, we encourage the Prep community to share in our vision and promote communication, relationship, and other leadership skills. We are moving to coordinate a Leaders In Industry speaker series during community block.

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