Meditation Tips for Finals Season w/ Jeff Kober

May 5, 2021 •
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With finals season upon us, FLINT wanted to share some wellness resources with the Prep community. We had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Kober, who answered some questions about meditation and led a brief meditation session in the video below. Here is an excerpt of his bio from his website:
“Jeff  has spent much of the last 40 years studying metaphysics and meditation, traveling extensively in India. In 2007, after a lengthy and intensive period of study, Jeff became a teacher of Vedic meditation, and since has taught from his center in Los Angeles, as well as in Mexico City, Chicago, Montana, Wyoming and regularly in New York.”

Be sure to stop by our Wellness club meeting on Thursday 5/6 from 2:35-3:15 on the 3rd floor of the Bachmann Collaboration Building as well as on Zoom. Take a deep break – you got this!



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