Creating an Effective Team

November 27, 2017 •
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When you hear the words “team building”, you conjure up images of sweaty human knots, uninteresting self-assessments, and the salty shores of Catalina Island. However, team building can actually be fun and inspiring when the proper materials meet the right attitude. Everyone on a team has an important part to play. There are five steps to creating an effective team:

  1. Clarify the purpose
    • Why are you working together?
  2. Define the output from the team
    • What are you creating/producing together?
  3. Clarify roles and responsibilities
    • Who is doing what by when?
  4. Agree on ground rules
    • What are the expectations of the team? (meetings, communication, etc.)
  5. Ensure everyone feels connected/valued
    • What skills do you each of you bring to the team?

If you’re interested in applications for these 5 steps, watch the TEDtalk below for an activity to jump boost your team building efforts.

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