Vision Boards

February 3, 2019 •
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In the spirit of FLINT, we asked our 8th graders to create Vision Boards, a way for them to creatively engage with what leadership means to them. In learning more about what leadership means to our students, we hope we can learn more about what leadership is and what it should be on campus. Take a look down below:

Vision Board – ‘Humility, Courage, Perseverance’

Vision Board – ‘Open-Minded, Confident, Empathy’

Vision Board – ‘Educator, Motivation, Leader’

Vision Board – ‘Drive, Initiative, Compassion’

Vision Board – ‘Impact, Respect, Caring’

Vision Board – ‘Balance, Trust, Charisma’

Vision Board – ‘Creative, Strategic, Kind’

Vision Board – ‘Humble, Confident, Ambitious’

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