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June 22, 2018 •
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(Image source: https://toggl.com/time-management-tips/)

Time management is an essential tool for productivity. Procrastination often gets in the way, so it’s important to learn how to handle it. Time management is all about planning ahead and creating a schedule for yourself. The FLINT Planner is an excellent resource to help you do that by allowing you to track assignments and activities. We at FLINT have compiled sources from all over the interwebs to help you achieve your time management goals, featured below:

For exercises in study habits:

FLINT Planner (pages 10-11)

For cute, sticker-y planners:


If you need a wide selection to choose from:

Every Amazon Planner

To add FLINT Club Meetings and events to your calendar:

FLINT Google Calendar

We’re not here to cure every bad study habit, but being conscious of how and where you spend your time can help you manage your time more efficiently. And remember, use your planner!

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