Time Management Interview~Ms. Cooper

November 26, 2019 • ,
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For this month’s theme, time management, we interviewed Ms. Cooper. We asked her some questions about why time management is important, and how she manages her time. Here are her answers:


Why is time management important?


With time management, each day feels more manageable and doable. Giving just a little effort to time management can lead to peace of mind, better sleep and an ability to roll with whatever the day brings.


What are some key elements of time management?


On the most basic level, I like to have a to-do list and a calendar. However, in order to use both effectively, it’s important to prioritize tasks and events based on each person’s values. It may seem to some students that you have no extra time beyond academics and extracurriculars, but, if you look at the time you spend hanging out with your dog, throwing a football with your brother, or watching quality Netflix (seriously!), you actually are already prioritizing what you value in positive ways.


How do you see time management when it’s working and what difference or impact do you see it having?


On days when I’m doing the hardest intellectual work first – spending time on the most important parts of my to-do list – I feel more satisfied. And, even when I need to take care of a lot of little details, if I block off undistracted time to do them, the day feels more cohesive. This kind of approach is sometimes called “chunking” work so that you can focus on it and then be done.


What happens if you don’t have time management?


Keep in mind that this comes from someone who keeps a Google calendar for home, an Outlook calendar for work, and electronic and paper to-do lists! But I think living without time management can lead people to feel a little uneasy, because they’re not sure what they should be spending their time doing, and they might forget important things. Without planning, the days can feel a little chaotic. 


Do you have a personal story/experience involving time management?


Many! Here’s one. My older son is a sophomore at CVHS, and my husband usually drives him to school in the mornings so I can get to Prep early. On days when my husband is traveling, I’ve made a deal with my son: If he agrees to get to school early, I’ll get him a doughnut on the way. It’s a win-win!


If you want a more serious story, the most time management I think I’ve ever used in my life was a few years ago, when I was doing research for a 100-page history master’s thesis (on musicals in the 1970s) and writing a book on civics education. Both happened to be due around the same time. Every spare moment I had on an evening or weekend, I was working on one or the other. It was a very productive period, but I was relieved when it was all over and I could do a little less on the weekends! 


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