The Importance of Mental Health ~ Dr. Rotzien

April 10, 2018 • ,
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By Izzy Moon

We at FLINT talked to our school’s psychologist, Dr. Rotzien, to ask her a couple questions about her role on campus and how she can help you. She’s a great resource if you need help or just someone to talk to. All you need to do is email Mr. Roffina, Mrs. Kimble, or your grade level dean. Beyond making her more available for students, FLINT wants to emphasize the importance of mental health and wellness so that we can function well as students and be safe and happy in a supportive environment.

FLINT: Why do you work with adolescents?

Dr. Rotzien: Originally I thought that I would be working with adults, but I wanted to see the growth from child to adult. When a person has more insight into who he or she is as a person, they make better decisions about where they will be in the future.

When are you available during the week and how can we contact you?

I’m available Tuesday mornings and Thursday second lunch. You can contact me through Mrs. Kimble or Mr. Roffina.

Do you have any advice for handling the pressures of high school and staying mentally healthy?

Lots of advice, actually. Having a balanced life is very important, which includes emotional wellbeing, physical health, getting enough sleep, getting good nutrition, getting good exercise, having enough recreation along with the challenges of your academics. Wellbeing has to do with finding a balance, and obviously I’m not talking about a rigid balance but a flexible balance.

What is the importance of mental health as a student?

Well, when we’re not mentally healthy, it’s very hard to function well, like functioning socially, interpersonally, academically, so your mental health is very important. So what I mean by that is having sort of a steady mood and being able to be cognitively clear, being able to think without interference from anxiety or depression, which distorts thinking and feeling. In order to function at your best, your best effort is to be well balanced. Taking your mental health seriously is very important. When we’re not mentally healthy, we’re miserable.

Would you say that mental health’s importance is on par with physical health?

Yes. But I’m a psychologist, so that’s my bias. However, I come from a nursing background, so physical and mental health go hand in hand. There are things that go with our body, whether it’s hormones, thyroid, or other organs that affect our emotional wellbeing so it’s important to have both because one affects the other.

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